The Saint Laurence Foundation was established at the end of 2021 as a non-profit organization which purpose was to support people socialy excluded, including those with disability and refugees. The Foundation was established to work closely with commune Goleniow to support Development and Training Centre for Mental and Phisical Disability and fill in the gap in those areas that cannot be directly supported by public institutions.

Facing the current situation related to the humanitarian crisis caused by the war in Ukraine, the activities of the foundation have been focused almost entirely on supporting refugees coming to region of Goleniow, as well as collecting and delivering medical supplies and essential equipment to those in need in Ukraine. We have organised regular transports with medical supplies to the hospital in Sławuta, the partner city of Goleniow.

We are currently collecting financial donations - either online or bank transfers and essential goods - mainly medical supplies - we are getting ready for a marathon rather than a sprint.

From the collecting funds the Saint Laurence Foundation currently finances the following:

Purchase of the medicines for refugees who live in the region of Goleniow.
Purchase of medical supplies and sterile dressings for hospitals in Ukraine.
Prescriptions for refugees who live in our region.
Purchase of groceries for refugees who arrived to our region.
Hygiene goods dedicated to residents of Ukraine.
First aid kits for residents of partner cities in Ukraine.
Uniforms and equipment for firefighters fighting in defence of Ukraine.
Lunches for Ukrainian children who study in schools in region of Goleniow.
We ensure you that all funds donated to the Saint Laurence Foundation are directly and fully allocated to support those in need, working in partnership with cities in Ukraine in order to respond to the demands flowing from there.

If you want to help?

Make a donation:

Foundation’s bank account number:


IBAN: PL58 1020 4812 0000 0802 0214 4566

St Lawrence Foundation

Transfer title : Support for Ukraine

thank you

Material Help:

collection poit:
Witosa 7 street, 72-100 Goleniow

U may help with:

clothing, furniture, refrigerators, food, medicines, blankets, mattresses, bedding, clothes, toys, crayons, dry food, canned food, medicines, chemicals: soap, toothpaste, brushes, diapers, power banks, etc.


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